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Message from the Coordinator

Message from Coordinator:  Engineering Management

The Engineering Management Specialization offers engineering students having an interest in the business aspects of engineering a bridge to this area of study in the School of Business. It does this while still providing a strong base in engineering fundamentals.  All Engineering Management majors take a diverse combination of mechanical and electrical engineering courses and then select further specialization in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.  Graduates thus receive a well-balanced education, making this degree an ideal choice for those interested in product management, business development of technology, and working in an entrepreneurial setting.  Our alumni have also continued their education beyond TCNJ at reputable graduate programs in Engineering, Business Administration, Management, and Physics. 

All Engineering Management seniors engage in a two semester design project that will provide the hands-on practical experience that has earned TCNJ graduates the reputation of being work-ready. These seniors have managed the engineering teams competing in regional or national design competitions as the IEEE’s Micromouse, SAE’s Mini Baja car and Aero Design competitions, as well as assuming responsibility for designing and fabricating critical components of these projects.  Skills and knowledge acquired in previous years are put into true application, requiring students to critically think beyond the traditional structure of a textbook.

TCNJ’s engineering programs offer a caring learning environment, enhanced by high quality faculty, staff, facilities, and equipment; individualized attention from highly qualified professors, no teaching assistants and small class sizes. The environment includes exceptional instruction; frequent opportunities for relevant laboratory experience; practice of communication, design, and teamwork skills; and the challenge of undertaking realistic engineering projects.

Lisa Grega, Ph.D.